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We built our service on what we believe are the fundamental things that made the Internet so useful and successful:
  • simple, easy-to-remember naming system (registered domain names)
  • extremely easy to publish data
  • provide a single, simple way to access the data (Web browser)
Building on what works, we looked at the usefulness of mobile text messaging, tied that to the Internet fundamentals and added our own set of unique features to catapult mobile phone usefulness to a completely new level:
  • simple, easy-to-remember naming system (registered MoPho IDs)
  • extremely easy to publish data: messaging and publishing mobile-specific content from your computer as well as from your mobile phone
  • provide a single, simple way to access the data (text messages on mobile phones)
  • unlike the Internet, MoPho IDs are not limited to only Roman-based characters. MoPho IDs can be in any language/any character-set that is supported by mobile phones and computers in use around the world today

Vitally important in our service offerings is to level the playing field between the “haves” and “have nots”. We feel information is power, and with the availability of so much free and useful information, we want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Not everyone has a computer, but almost everyone has a mobile phone on which to get that information.

MoPho ID text message marketing

From the Peruvian farmer, to large corporations, to small business owners, to educational institutions, to Little League teams...we strive to globally offer everyone an effective and more immediate way to communicate using something that is already a common fixture in most people’s lives. There is no need for complicated new phones, expensive data plans, industry expertise in the wireless arena, confusing application downloads or switching carriers. MoPho IDs work with any carrier and any basic text message-capable mobile phone. With a MoPho ID, anyone has the opportunity to be as inquiring, entrepreneurial, relevant and accessible on a global level as they dream to be. It’s an infinite realm of possibilities.


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